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Tangerine Tiger shrimp have a very interesting and attractive color. Although in the aquarium trade, we can often see yellow/orange variations of these shrimp, they have way more color variants.

Wild-types of Caridina serrata are more being brown or colorless. It helps them blend into their environment, which makes it harder for predators to find them. All these fancy colors were bred, and slowly brighter colors came out until eventually, we get to the strains.

In addition to dark irregular stripes, their bodies are covered with lots of tiny dots that make them look really fascinating.

Another distinguishable feature of this species is that Caridina serrata has a very short rostrum if we compare it with other shrimp species.

Like all dwarf shrimp, Caridina serrata usually grows up to 2 – 3 cm (~1 inch).
Once a proper aquarium is set up and optimum living conditions are met, Tangerine Tiger shrimp can reproduce and live up to 1.5 – 2 years.

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