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Whiptail catfish are quite hardy and adaptable. You can easily introduce them to a suitable communal tank with similar water parameters and the right décor. However, for an initial tank, it is important to do a proper cycle to obtain the right water parameters first.

Whiptail Catfish species, especially the smaller Loricariidae species are extremely peaceful fish that easily share a communal tank with other fish. They even share with their species, given enough space is available to avoid territory arguments.

They are essentially mildly territorial, and very timid, slow-moving fish. Most would rather try to look inconspicuous and stay still, rather than fight, or show aggression.

However, this makes them very susceptible to attacks from other aggressive, or fin-nipping fish species. In this case they will not try to escape or defend themselves. Thus, similar peaceful-natured tank makes are best.

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