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The Red Eye Puffer fish is one of the more uncommon puffers and is completely freshwater, with no salt at all being needed.

They are small puffers with a big personality and an even bigger attitude. They are very aggressive and the only suitable tank mates are more of their own kind or invertebrates, and some puffers are so aggressive they must be kept alone.

These puffers are very sensitive to water quality, and as puffers are very messy fish, frequent partial water changes and good filtration are required. Make sure that the puffer can't get sucked into the filter intake.

If you are planning to try to keep more than one of these red eye puffers together, make sure the tank is very heavily planted. Monitor the puffers closely and have a back up plan in case the puffers don't tolerate each other. Also watch at feeding time to make sure that all of the puffers are getting adequate food and that one greedy individual isn't hogging everything.

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