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The pure red line shrimp have a predominantly white body that is opaque. Unlike the crystal red shrimp they barely have full red bands. The red spots on the head can even have certain patterns, like a crown, smiley, or flower. These shrimp are unique in that they won’t produce .

Crystal shrimp need their water to be more acidic with a low GH (general hardness) and a very low, to no, KH (carbonate hardness). Generally these parameters are almost impossible to achieve with normal tap water, which is why you need to use reverse osmosis (RO) water. There are special remineralisers on the market, like Shrimp King’s bee salt GH+ and Salty Shrimp’s Bee shrimp mineral GH+, that are used to get the correct GH value. It is important to have a product that only increases the GH of the water, not the KH. Crystal shrimp don’t tolerate a lot of dissolved calcium and magnesium because it is harmful to their molting process. Therefore make sure you have the right product. ny white offspring.

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